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About me

46 years of marriage, 45 years of police work, 1 spouse, 4 children, 2 grand children, 1975 (Bachelor degree), 2004 (Masters’ degree), the numbers only begin to tell the story.

The reality regarding a page titled “About Me” is that the better title should be, “About Them.” I am grateful that I have reached a certain age with my psyche somewhat intact and my humor skewed but operational. On balance I find myself enjoying more good days than bad and I realize that for this, I owe much to “Them.”

My wife, my children, the family I grew up in, friends, co-workers, people of good will and people of ill will, all influenced me, and in great measure or small, were influenced by me.

“About Me?” I have been scared, scarred and schooled by life. I have been educated by both the seemingly powerful and by the seemingly powerless. Without the help and support of the people who cared about me I would not be who I am today. And from my point of view, life just keeps getting better and better.

If at this point you are still reading and what I have written resonates with you, and you want to find some answers for questions you have, then please give me a call.

No doubt your Me is also deeply involved with your Them.

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